8 11, 2019

Avoiding Probate on Promissory Notes and Mortgages: It’s More Important Than You Might Think

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meeting with my Louisiana Estate Planning clients, I sometimes encounter clients who have lent money to family, friends, and others.  A legal agreement, usually a mortgage or promissory note, evidences the financial obligation for the loan recipient. In the mortgage or note, the debtor promises to pay back the loan with interest over some predetermined time period. This works well when payments to service these loans continue and when the creditor is still alive. But what happens when the creditor dies? Often, the debtor mistakenly believes that their legal obligation is over. Clearly this is not the case. After the [...]

8 11, 2019

Estate Planning – a MUST HAVE for Unmarried Couples

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Over the years, I've met many Louisiana couples who are not married for one reason or another. It amazes me how often these couples have no form of estate planning in place. These couples clearly care for one another and don’t want to make life more complicated for one another in the future.  By not taking the simple step of creating an estate plan they set each other up for a nightmare. In the event either partner dies or becomes incapacitated, the other partner has no legal rights when it comes to the assets, medical decisions, and burial decisions for [...]