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If you value your possessions and are concerned about either keeping them during your lifetime, or maximizing what you leave behind to your children, then you need estate planning. By utilizing the attorneys and staff of Legacy Law Center LLC, you and your family will enjoy many of the benefits of estate planning, including:​

  • Provide for a simple distribution of your estate after you die to your stated heirs

  • Appoint your trustee or independent executor and grant them the authority to settle your estate quickly and amicably

  • Avoid or minimize unnecessary taxes for you and your heirs

  • Declare your intentions regarding life-support systems so your loved ones will not be forced to make stressful end-of-life decisions

  • Allow your surviving spouse to retain control over the marital assets

  • Avoid family conflict

  • Avoid the stressful, time-intensive, and expensive Louisiana court-supervised Succession procedure

  • Avoid a court-supervised guardianship/interdiction proceeding if you become incapacitated

  • Designate your trusted loved one who will make financial and medical decisions if you can’t ever make your own

  • Avoid being forced to deplete your entire estate from nursing home expenses

  • Provide clarity and simplicity in multiple marriage situations

  • Make your organ donation wishes known so that you can benefit others

  • Work with attorneys and a staff that will listen to your needs and respond in a way that you understand and have peace of mind;

  • Protect your children’s inheritance from their past and future divorces

  • Designate your minor children’s back-up guardians

  • Protect your young, immature, or special-needs heirs from abusing their inheritance

  • Enjoy a no-cost initial visit whereby we listen to your desires and propose a customized plan to meet all of your stated desires

  • Work with a law firm that quotes you a reasonable, fixed fee in writing that never increases – no matter what it takes

  • Work with attorneys and staff that have devoted their entire professional careers to helping Louisiana residents protect their estates


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