Buyer Beware: Avoid Do It Yourself Will and Living Trust Kits

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With the advent of the internet age many people are attempting to create their Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney on their own. It seems so easy. Go on the internet, get a fill in the blank form and before you know it you and your family have an estate plan. This strategy sounds simple enough, but one size fits all wills and other documents don’t take into account your unique family circumstances, and insufficient knowledge of the law may leave your family vulnerable to taxes and other headaches upon your death, especially here in Louisiana where laws are often different from the laws of other states.
With the guidance of a professional, you can have the confidence of knowing exactly what will happen to your property should anything ever happen to you. Proper estate planning lets you maintain control over your assets and fill in the gaps where our Louisiana laws leave your estate unprotected. Whether it be with a last will or a trust fund, we make sure that all of your estate planning is done right and is specifically tailored to your family situation.
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