Your Powers of Attorney: The Most Important Estate Planning Documents During Your Lifetime

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Most Louisiana residents think that their last will and testament is the most necessary of all the estate planning legal documents that a person can have in place; however, the terms of your will are essentially without effect until after you are already dead and gone. Your Louisiana Will is primarily geared toward distributing your assets and caring for your heirs as opposed to protecting those assets and caring for yourself. Protecting your assets and looking after your own well-being should be your primary considerations while you are still alive. For the above reasons, your Louisiana Powers of Attorney are the most important and pressing estate planning documents you need to prepare regardless of your circumstances or station in life. A power of attorney is the document that allows another to act on your behalf and make decisions for you when you are unable to make decisions for yourself. There are two different types of Power of Attorney; one is used to protect your property and other financial assets in the event of your incapacity, the other is meant to look after your medical well-being in the event of your incapacity. Louisiana powers of attorney are so important during your lifetime because of the potential for the unexpected. Anything can happen in life and you want to make sure that you have designated someone to look after your affairs should any misfortune befall you that leaves you incapacitated. Whether it be an accident, sudden illness, or other circumstance that leaves you unable to make decisions for yourself, It is vital that you appoint an agent to act for you. This way you can ensure that your bills are paid, your money may be accessed to pay for unexpected expenses, property can be bought or sold in your name to facilitate your care or financial well-being, and important medical decisions can be made regarding your course of treatment. Regardless of your age, a power of attorney is a necessary legal document for any person in Louisiana. Without it your life can be left in legal limbo should you ever become incapacitated. If you have any questions about powers of attorney or Louisiana estate planning in general, feel free to call me at (504) 274-1980 or (985) 246-3020. I primarily serve in New Orleans, Metairie, the Northshore and other surrounding areas in Southeast Louisiana.